Embed Soundslides into WordPress.com using VodPod

I took on the challenge of some of the COM students to figure out a way to embed Soundslides into their WordPress.com blogs. At first, I didn’t think it could be done. After all, Soundslides’ site says so. But then I noticed something new that WordPress was promoting called VodPod. It allows you to insert your own embed code so I thought I would give it a try. It works! The video I got didn’t have the play button included, but it plays when you click on it so it is functional.

Creating the code for your embed (create this in Notepad for copy/paste later):

  1. Go to http://students.washington.edu/username/publish_to_web/small.html. (This will go to the smaller version of your presentation, which will fit into WordPress.)
  2. Click View > Source.
  3. Copy everything between the <object> tags (including the object tags) and paste into Notepad.
  4. Copy the video url and end with the folder name (so without the small.html at the end). So http://students.washington.edu/username/publish_to_web/
  5. Paste into your Notepad code in the two places before “soundslider.swf”

Using Vodpod to post to WordPress:

  1. Drag the “Post to WordPress” button to your toolbar: http://vodpod.com/wordpress/
  2. Go to the url with your Soundslides presentation: http://students.washington.edu/username/publish_to_web/small.html
  3. Click “Post to WordPress” from your toolbar.
  4. Click “Click if you’re having trouble” below the preview screen. (This will allow you to paste the embed code manually.)
  5. Paste everything from your Notepad document into the box.
  6. Fill in the rest of the blanks (blog url, username, password) and click Publish.

That’s it!


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