Five free video converters

Lifehacker has a list of the five best media converters voted on by readers of the popular blog. The favorites?

1. Super (Windows)

2. Format Factory (Windows)

3. Media Coder (all platforms)

4. Handbrake (all platforms)

5. FFmpeg (all platforms)

Remember that the Media Lab in 302 has Premiere CS4, which will convert most formats as well.


Web magazine investigates media and peace

Volume 3, Issue 1 of a web magazine written by University of Washington students in COM495/SIS490 has hit the newsstands. Media and Peace investigates complex relationships among the media, journalistic practice, and public understanding and pursuit of peace. This first issue explores the current situation, including topics such as media coverage of peace activism, the growing peace journalism movement, and organizations that utilize media as tools for peace.

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