GradShare Graduate Student Community now open to everyone

The GradShare online community for graduate students, which was previously available to UW grad students in beta, has announced that registration is now open to any U.S. graduate student.  

GradShare is an online graduate student community that was created by ProQuest in coordination with the UW Graduate School and Libraries. GradShare helps graduate students share challenges and get solutions on wide-ranging topics that reflect the realities of graduate study. It’s also a place to learn about high-quality resources available to you at UW to help you succeed.

GradShare says it’s made a number of updates, including:

  • Commenting on answers and Expert Advice
  • Conversation tracking to help you stay informed
  • Email updates
  • Simplified interdisciplinary browsing
  • Updated user profile tools

Free online slideshow creators

10,000 Words published a list of four free online slideshow creators. They don’t look as flexible as SoundSlides, but if you don’t want to pay the $40 for SoundSlides or don’t have access to a media lab with the software, it’s an option. I haven’t tried them yet, so if you do, let me know what you think.

Environmental Journalism class launches Sound News

What’s happening to Puget Sound? Find out at Sound News, the new place for news affecting Puget Sound and the communities around it.

Created by reporters in the University of Washington Environmental Journalism class taught by Warren Cornwall of The Seattle Times, Sound News features incisive, original news stories and blogs about the Puget Sound environment, as well as headlines from other news sources around the Sound updated daily.

Among the stories coming your way: What do locals think about removal of the Elwha River dams? How to kill invasive blackberry bushes. A look behind the battle over Maury Island. What toxic PCBs are doing to our orcas. What rubber sports fields have to do with Puget Sound.

Online alternatives to Adobe Creative Suite

The Innovation in College Media blog has a great post on some free or inexpensive alternatives to Adobe’s Creative Suite. While Adobe’s CS4 offers the compatibility between programs and power and quality that most professionals would prefer, these alternatives can help college students get through a class assignment or decide whether they need the costlier program. Visual tutorials all in one place

If you’re just getting started with WordPress, or want to learn how to do more advanced features, WordPress now has a video section with visual tutorials that are nicely categorized. To get started, learn how to write and publish a post. allows you to set up a free blog, though many people go beyond blogging to create portfolio sites and web magazines.

Web magazine investigates media and peace

Volume 3, Issue 1 of a web magazine written by University of Washington students in COM495/SIS490 has hit the newsstands. Media and Peace investigates complex relationships among the media, journalistic practice, and public understanding and pursuit of peace. This first issue explores the current situation, including topics such as media coverage of peace activism, the growing peace journalism movement, and organizations that utilize media as tools for peace.

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10 rules for video journalists

Check out these 10 rules for video journalists by Travis Fox of the Washington Post.

I like No. 8: Sequence your video with a variety of detail, tight, medium, wide shots as well as cut away shots. 50 percent of shots will be tight, 25 percent medium and 25 percent wide.

Happy shooting!